Originally designed by Root & Siemens, the Scarritt Complex architecture was inspired by Louis Sullivan in both its formation and detail.

Described as "the finest example of a Chicago School skyscraper in Kansas City" and "a direct representative of turn of the century preoccupation with natural light," the exterior facades exemplify some of the finest, intricately molded terra cotta ornamentation in existence today.

The interior of the complex was probably the most opulent and sophisticated of its time, evidenced by the hand-laid mosaic tile floors, marble wainscoting, mahogany wall panelings and highly ornate "Sullivanesque" ornamentation.

Scarritt Building Office Space

Tenant offices in the Scarritt Building have been designed to offer flexibility in layout and design to accommodate tenants' individual business needs and desires.

Suites typically begin at 1,000 square feet and range upward. Each is elegantly appointed with such features as brass hardware and paneling, and a wide variety of decorative allowances give tenants the opportunity to customize their suites.

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